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Love Heavy on a Monday

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good morning Fashiongonerogue.com and thank you for Fresh Faces

Remy Ryan : by Lauren Withrow 

and I found the outfit I had had a dream of last night!!! The long skirt and top form the picture down below:

and fashionising.com with ASOS magazine : Daisy Lowe

And now…

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Presenting Spring from...

Electric Love

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J. Crew


no picnic: trying to sleep with both a creative and business mind.

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My desk tonight

The toilsome process begins with music of course; as I try to fall asleep. Only, the 1940’s record, ‘Two In A Gondola”, sends my thoughts swinging and twirling around the room. And my mind spits out an image… A short, 1950’s, circle skirt resembling the lining commonly used for vintage unmentionables. From there, a waistband, an inventive sleeve that is wearable yet unique, and a feminine neckline… it is… a Two Piece dress. As I clench my eye lids shut, there is no hope for sheep counting just yet, it is time to sketch. When I am done, I must stop myself from then breaking down the garment into pattern pieces, mentally specking it, coming up with a Quicky Cost, or even deciding where the best place to IMPORT materials from to ASSEMBLE the garment and be able to ship it DUTY free…. Oh My Mind. I must go to sleep.

Feeling Yellow

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Sorbet Chic

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France says: Maxi Floral Dresses, and a new flavor of what Id name Sorbet chic.

AND some shots from Moschino Cheap and Chic Spring 2011

Editorial from Maria Claire France with:

model Tiiu Kuik + Photographed by Anne Menke + and with stylist Laurence Alexandre

ensembles from Jil Sander, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

I would really like to sport floral capri pants and a romantically long skirt…

And some killer flirty honkin shoes. LOVE  the two piece dress. want one.

View the full editorial at fashiongonerogue

Moschino Cheap and Chic

More at Style.com/Moschino collection

glamour in a nut’s shell

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I had loved: Cesare Paciotti’s Spring Campaign and Lydia Hearst pictorial



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