Spring Bags: and where to buy them

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My five favorite designer handbags for Spring:

Michael Kors



Club Monaco


Proenza Shouler



And where a poor gal like me would shop come Spring:

Thrift stores





also of course the artwalk in downtown LA on the first thursday of every month



Do You Use a Vintage Camera?

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I was asked “Do you use a vintage camera?” and I thought- “If disposable cameras and my nikon d4o are now considered vintage” (Below are from disposable cameras…)

taken with a $7 camera

A trophy I found neglected on the side of the road.

While hiking

In the garage.

Wild bouquet

S/S and Fall ’11 Fashion Trends Insider

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Under the photos I have titled the trend: p.s. I CANNOT WAIT to see these on the streets… note: the photos were chosen as my favorites, they do not reflect this season’s COLOR trends ; )

Wide legged pants



Sheer Maxi





Lindsey Wixson = my favorite model for the spring fashions...


How To : Social Media Marketing!!! and my new secret

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Check out the three videos at Crowd Conversion and find out how to make money off social media! These videos were entertaining despite the lengths and completely informative. Five Stars!

Traffic = potential customers from online sources


A recent Etsy article gives tips on how to get TRAFFIC on your page!!! Click HERE

Now I am in search of a job… I plan on using Facebook to sell myself to potential companies as an employee, since facebook has over 55 million users including companies, I will create a business page for myself and see if this experiment will lead to any job opportunities. WISH ME LUCK! oh my I hope this idea is a good one!!!

With anticipation,

Lauren Alyse

Social Media Exclusive News

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I just joined RocketMelt and it is amazing! Download it now! You must! It puts all your social media outlets and websites on one screen! Enough with having 5 different windows open on your computer screen. Its so easy and so BEAUTIFUL.

Stylish Spectacle

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-She clears throat- -She taps her vintage champagne glass- “My dear, you are the spectacle of this party”


These dresses are all under 100$ found at topshop and modcloth


Much anticipation to see what these young ladies will wear to the holiday galas…

Isabelle White and Allie Owen. Lace Dresses unknown

What to Wear Christmas 2010

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